How to clean a pond filter - 46mm nd filter - Polypropylene filter cartridge

How To Clean A Pond Filter

how to clean a pond filter

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how to clean a pond filter - Aquascape -

Aquascape - 3" x 25' Seam Tape for 45-Mil EPDM Fish Safe Pond Liner

Aquascape - 3" x 25' Seam Tape for 45-Mil EPDM Fish Safe Pond Liner

The 3" Double Sided Seam & the 6" One-Sided Cover Tape is used by pond professionals to seam multible pieces of EPDM Liner together. We recommend using the Aquascape Designs Tape Primer (sold separately) to clean and prepare all surfaces before using the Seam & Cover Tape. For a more secure waterproof seam, use the 3" Two-Sided Seam Tape first, and then put down the 6" Cover Tape. Both tapes are available in 25' lengths and 100' lengths. Browse through our TJB-INC Amazon Store for more Aquascape items.

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The miracle of light and life

The miracle of light and life

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Couldn't decide which of these two were better. - What I particularly like about these shots is the tiny sparkly lights that surround the lilly pads.

Goldfish as Inspiration for my title: -

For the last two weeks amongst other things I have been babysitting a couple of goldfish. Although, I love most animals, I didn't think I would get much out of goldfish in the same way as if I was taking care of a cat, dog or rabbit etc - given the stereotypical understanding that goldfish are not supposed to have much of a memory or intelligence etc. So I was really surprised to find how much I grew to love them. I was surprised to learn that even goldfish have their own little personalities, their habits, their vulnerabilities and, their likes and dislikes and that they do in fact connect with you if you treat them right. I hope this doesn't sound too crazy lol.

It also made me think of the proper consideration one should take before taking on a goldfish as a pet because they need a lot of care - and can live a long time given the right care. In the home, they need a spacious tank with regularly cleaned, treated, oxygenated and filtered water. They need to have the right food that will keep them in good health (ie not just dried food - as they end up swallowing too much air - and by the way they also love peas as part of their diet). It made me think how in their natural environment nature seems to take care of a lot of these considerations. However, at the same time one should never think that if they start to feel like too much responsibility, it would be okay to just put them in the local pond or river - because as tame and home reared fish they will not be equipped to deal with the wild environment and of course with the fish politics from other bigger fish. All of the above served as a reminder to me how each little life (light of life) is quite a miracle and should be treated with utmost care, respect and consideration. I also realised how much I have learnt from having them around and that I will miss them when they have gone. I have taken some shots of the goldfish - which I hope to upload some time in the future when I have managed to complete a poem for them too. Thank you my dear flickr friends for taking the time to look and for all you wonderful and kind comments too : )) xo

Ayutthaya river crossing boat at mid night

Ayutthaya river crossing boat at mid night

there are many of these boats and ferries crossing the river , they are all coming from Bangkok.

underexposed about 5stops and lifeted the shadow up in LR3.

it was extremely dark and so beautiful.

now, I am comparing the D7000 and K5 and I think the K5 has lesser amount of noise at ISO800 and on but it also has stronger detail destorying kind of RAW NR that cannot be turned off.

so, over all , I prefer the D7000 for its better low ISO IQ and incredible detail at lower to mid ISO, and although its high ISO performance may be not as good as that of the K5 , it at least gives me real RAW data or near real RAW data to work with, if you compare files from these 2 cameras you can easily tell the K5 is using some kind of sneaky noise reduction in RAW (it has almost no chroma noise in deep shadow even at ISO6400, and is even cleaner than the D700 but at the cost of detail and color).

So, I am disappointed with my K5 and its lens line up.

It is sad the sharpest Pentax prime the DA*55f1.4SDM that costs 2 times more than the similar Nikon AFS50f1.4G and the Nikon's cheap prime is actually sharper and faster to AF with much better tracking ability........

So, although I love quiet shutter and in body SR of the K5 , I may have to let it go on an auction site soon.

I guess it is a great low light camera for static posed peope or lowlight church ,etc but it cannot shoot something like this one or cannot shoot detailed landscape due to the horribly strong AA filter used in it and the above mentioned in RAW NR.

When I compared the K5 to my 5Dmk2 for landscape use , I was shocked to see how soft the K5 even at ISO 80 was compared to my EOS5Dmk2.

I also compared a rented Pentax DA15mm f4 Limited on my K5 to my AFS16-35f4VR on my D7000 at 16mm f4 , actually the Nikon zoom wide open was sharper than the Pentax's expensive prime.

So , I guess DXO was fooled by the K5's very very sneaky in RAW Nr or DXO intentionally ignored it and only focused on its low noise level even at very high ISO.

how to clean a pond filter

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