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Nylon Filter Fabric

nylon filter fabric

    filter fabric
  • A polypropylene textile used to keep soil separate from water. Comes in many different forms and is used for constructing roads, lining ponds, and in many erosion control projects.

  • A middle layer of green roof construction, above the drainage layer and below the green roof medium.  Its purpose is to filter small particles and prevent the drainage layer from clogging.

  • A form of erosion control, whereby fabric is "wrapped around" the timber abutment in order to prevent soil loss.  This fabric allows for water to freely pass through while not allowing soil loss. This is used on all YBC timber abutments.

  • Fabric or yarn made from nylon fibers

  • Stockings or hose made of nylon

  • a thermoplastic polyamide; a family of strong resilient synthetic fibers

  • (nylons) women's stockings made from a sheer material (nylon or rayon or silk)

  • A tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a proteinlike chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or molded objects

  • a synthetic fabric

nylon filter fabric - Square Perfect

Square Perfect 60 Inch Light Tent Photo Cube Softbox with 4 Colored Backgrounds For Product Photography

Square Perfect 60 Inch Light Tent Photo Cube Softbox with 4 Colored Backgrounds For Product Photography

59 Inch Square Perfect Photo Tent/Soft Box Includes Top Quality Nylon Velour Fabric, Carrying Case and 4 FREE backgrounds (Red, Blue, White, and Black)! Our 59 inch Photo Tents are 5 ft. x 5 ft. and are spacious enough to shoot children, chairs and the largest of products. Ours are the highest quality, most full featured photo tents available and made entirely of nylon velour which filters light and helps to prevent shadows and reflection. The 59 inch x 59 inch x 59 inch size with large front opening makes taking studio-like images simple. Also included is an extra front covering with a lens/camera slit for completely surrounding your subject. In addition, we have included--at no charge--3 extra large colored sheets for internal modeling (Red, Blue, Black and white). All attachments are made easy with the velcro fastening system. The spring-like frame enables the unit to be folded down and stored in the included zip case for very easy transport and storage. What is Included? Light Tent 59 inch x 59 inch x 59 inch Front Cover with Lens/Camera Slit 4 Colored Internal Sheets for background modeling (White, Red, Blue, and Black) Handy Zippered Carry Bag

76% (10)



Strobist: AB800 with home made rip stop nylon scrim (pvc frame, cheap A-Clamps stretching the fabric) roughly 4 feet by 6 feet camera left. AB400 10 Degree grid camera right and left. AB 1600 in 47" silver brolly just above and behind camera. AB 400 with 2 stop ND filter and 70 degree reflector behind model on background. Fired via cybersync.

Tank Liner - Filter Fabric Installation

Tank Liner - Filter Fabric Installation

A layer of geotextile padding is placed over the compacted sand on the floor of the tank.

nylon filter fabric

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