Tractor Fuel Filter

tractor fuel filter

    fuel filter
  • a filter in the fuel line that screens out dirt and rust particles from the fuel

  • A replaceable metal or plastic canister that prevents particulate matter and most contaminants in the fuel from reaching the engine.

  • A unit placed in a fuel line to remove dirt and rust picked up from the tank or service fittings.

  • a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications

  • a truck that has a cab but no body; used for pulling large trailers or vans

  • A short truck consisting of the driver's cab, designed to pull a large trailer

  • A tractor is a vehicle specifically designed to deliver a high tractive effort (or torque) at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction.

  • A powerful motor vehicle with large rear wheels, used chiefly on farms for hauling equipment and trailers

tractor fuel filter - CalVan Tools

CalVan Tools 25200 Truck and Tractor Fuel Filter Wrench

CalVan Tools 25200 Truck and Tractor Fuel Filter Wrench

CalVan Tools 25200 features the Truck and Tractor Fuel Filter Wrench. The new low profile FORD fuel filter wrench allow mechanics to access those tough fuel filters in tight quarters. Used for removal and installation on the Ford Power Stroke Diesel and International/Navstar Diesel engines. Ford Power Stroke Diesel uses two different fuel filter housing lids, this fuel filter fits both of them. Both are located in the V of the engine and are covered by another housing, this fuel filter wrench allows access to both of them. Other Ford Fuel Filter Wrenches sometimes breaks off the points of the lid because the pressure is not evenly distributed by the wrench . This tool spreads the force of the removal over six contact points instead of two, preventing breakage. Designed to allow for easy removal and installation of Ford 7.3L Diesel fuel caps and other Diesel filter systems using the same configuration. Allows mechanics to easily get into those tight access areas.

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Tractor repair

Tractor repair

One of the other things I enjoy doing is working on machines or other equipment. This is a Kubota BX23 that my business has to use for our installation work. I find it much easier to do the maintenance and repair work myself rather than taking it to a dealer, so I spent this afternoon working on this diesel engine. I had to manually drain the entire fuel system and replace 2 different fuel filters, where I found water in the system, which was causing my recent engine problems. I took care of some other regular maintenance while I was working on it.

I realized while I was doing the work that it might make a cool photo, so I went and grabbed my camera.

The tractor is all back together and ready to run strong.

15 KW China Diesel Generator

15 KW China Diesel Generator

Selling for a friend:
15 KW China Diesel Generator for Sale

The diesel is made by the Shanghai Tractor & Internal Combustion Engine Corp. The Model No. is 295A.

The alternator is made by the Italian firm Mecc Alte Spa. The Model No. is ECN-28-2L/4. The ratings are 16 KVA, 1800 RPM, Volts = 120 / 240 & Amps = 133 / 66.7.

This generator set includes a remote Murphy EA 150 Engine Automatic Panel which includes temperature & pressure gauges & an hour meter. All manuals are included as well as a spare gasket set, a tool set and plenty of fuel and diesel filters.
Call Ned at 814-349-2612

tractor fuel filter

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