What Is Dsl Filter

what is dsl filter

    dsl filter
  • A DSL filter is an analog low-pass filter installed between analog devices (such as telephones or analog modems) and a POTS telephone line, in order to prevent interference between such devices and a DSL service operating on the same line.

    what is
  • What Is is the eighth album by guitarist/vocalist Richie Kotzen.

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  • Is simply the glossary of terms and acronyms, you can find them below in alphabetic order. Fundamental concepts and acronyms may also have an associated Blog post, if that is the case the acronym or term will be hyper-linked to the respective post.

what is dsl filter - Excelsus Z-Blocker

Excelsus Z-Blocker Z-330P2J Single-Line DSL Filter

Excelsus Z-Blocker Z-330P2J Single-Line DSL Filter

High-performance in-line DSL filter for phones or telephone equipment sharing a single phone jack. Meets ANSI T1.421 standards for voice quality and data performance with five filters on the line. Isolates DSL and home phoneline networking (HPN) signals from voice signal for peak data performance and voice quality. Effectively filters one or more phone devices (standard or cordless phone, answering machine, dial-up modem, fax machine, etc.). Use one filter at each phone jack in use in the home or office. Easy to install without tools - just plug the filter cord into any standard phone jack, and plug the phone cord into the filter. Provides a filtered jack for any single-line phone device plus a second unfiltered jack for DSL/HPN connection. The short, detachable cord lets user connect the filter to long phone cords in hard-to-reach areas such as behind heavy furniture or desks.

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52 Weeks 52.7... Love & Lingere

52 Weeks   52.7...    Love & Lingere

This photo has been in Explore almost continuously since it was uploaded near Valentines' Day. The highest ranking I know about was #4 on 7.25.07

. . . . . . . . . .

I can NOT believe I'm posting this... not to mention all the rejects which will be in the 52 Weeks set as soon as I finish typing this. If anyone asks, I'm going to plead insanity induced by Valentine's Day. Take my word for it... this is the last time you'll be seeing me offer myself up as soft core porn!

For the most part... I've been pretty darned lucky in love. Came of age in the 70s and had my share of romantic adventures. Had a lovely 15 year relationship with the man who's still my housemate.... now going on 22 years of living together. How great is THAT? I even have SOME fond memories of the man known to my friends as "Wes- the bastard".

Now though, after 6 years by myself, and after 3 years of being in love with him when he didn't think he could be in love with me, I'm finally in a relationship with the person I've always been meant to be with. Sounds sappy, I know... like something out of a dime store novel... but as soon as I met him I knew. He's smart and funny, thoughtful and talented (he's a killer musician and lyricist). irreverent and spiritual, and he can put up with all my weirdnesses. No mean feat! And handsome... did I forget to mention handsome?

So this week, with our first Valentine's Day together, I'm celebrating the fact that, after years of settling for the practical, utilitarian stuff, I finally have a good reason to buy the FUN lingere again.

Week 34: Dereliction and Decay - What IS that stuff?

Week 34: Dereliction and Decay - What IS that stuff?

When i heard about the week theme, i immediately thought of my old flute. hasn't worked in over a decade, but i always held onto the thought that i would take it down to a shop and get the pads replaced and the inside all cleaned up - but i NEVER expected ....that! what IS IT?

what is dsl filter

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